The Cantina Caravan is a 1972 Shasta Camper that has been renovated and turned into a mobile bartending service.  We enjoy serving weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate events, trade shows, backyard parties, etc.



-Heather & Don



Google Review: We hired the Cantina Caravan to bartend at our rehearsal dinner, and they were such a fun addition. They set up a cute chalkboard sign, some decor, and a potted plant that really gave the camper a complete look. Walt and Mel are such nice, fun people- they added to the party and chatted casually with guests. In the hiring process I found them to be very professional. They were very helpful for us in recommending types of margarita mix and helping us estimate the amount of alcohol we needed to buy for our group. They went above and beyond by a. leaving the keg so we could get the most out of it, and b. coming back by 2 days later to pick it up from us and return it! They were considerate that it was our wedding weekend and made it easy on us and we so appreciated that. They are sweet people and we would definitely hire them again for an event. -Becky Sharpe