Some gumbo recipes never die..

         For our very first backyard shindig I wanted to arrive in style so I decided to pull the Cantina Caravan with our John Deere lawnmower.  It only goes 3 miles per hour.  Whenever I go on trips like this I get into some deep thinking. You see, for this shindig Mel made some of her grandmother's family recipe Mississippi style gumbo. Her grandmother Mary was something else. Mary loved adventure and loved taking Mel, Mel's sister Jeni and family camping. Mary also liked to practice yoga even in her 70's. Mary loved photoshoots and getting her picture taken.  Mary loved family traditions and holidays. During the colder months Mel enjoys making her grandmother Mary's gumbo.  It reminds Mel of her wonderful grandmother.  These thoughts started to fade as I pulled up to the address for the shindig, our backyard.  Not too far of a drive. It may seem like just another recipe, but we are glad we get to share it with friends and family.