Four and a half decades later..

The Cantina Caravan's first backyard birthday party is in the record books! Was it ironic that the birthday boy was born in the same year as the Cantina Caravan was built?!?! It was meant to be of course!!

Okay guys and gals we are about to go into some deep thought right now. One of the aspects of this party that was really neat was all the companionate love in the air! Do you know what companionate love is?! No we don't mean the mushy stuff. We mean the deep, mature, affectionate attachment between people who love each other, like each other and respect each other.  We could tell the majority of the folks at this party grew up together. This type of relationship forms only after 10 or more years of friendship.  We could tell a lot of these guys and gals grew up together.  We could tell they were happy when they were together. So the moral of the story is hold on to those long term friendships. If you have let one fall by the wayside, call them and make an effort to keep the friendship going.  You will be much happier in the long run!