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National Creativily Day | 5-30-23

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Cantina Caravan Coloring Contest

5 Fun Facts About Enhancing Creativity

  1. Shower time is good for us!

    72% of creative insights come while people are in the shower, according to a study conducted in 2014.

  2. Try new things for a creative you

    Dopamine in our brains, which is released when we try new things, is also linked to creative achievement.

  3. Sleep to be more creative

    An overall health restorer, sleep also boosts creativity.

  4. Creative ideas have a bad history

    History shows the most creative ideas have been ridiculed and mocked like Galileo's astronomical discoveries.

  5. Daydreaming boosts creativity, too

    A good daydreaming session can allow your mind to go into mental incubation, allowing it to sort through creative ideas and planning.

Print off the trailer image, color it and post to our social media using #ccnationalcreativityday and you could win a Cantina Caravan T-shirt. 

Contest ends on June 12, 2023!

Click here to download the trailer coloring piece!