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Cantina Caravan Vintage Trailers

Our fleet consists of a Shasta Camper named Cecilia, Pearl, our 73’ Volkswagen® Van, Jenny, who is our camper bar, a horse trailer named Dixie, and who could forget about Boozy Bike, our side bar.

Put pizazz in your party and represent your personal style with a unique and creative way of serving beverages, merchandise, or finger foods.

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The Shasta camper renovated into a full service bar. She has the dazzle and a lot of space to serve up your favorite beverages at any event.

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As the personality of the party, Pearl is perfect for self-serve cocktails and finger foods, insta-worthy images, mini photography sessions, a grand entrance, and just about anything that deserves the adoring details at your special occasion.

Pearl doubles as a Photo Booth when you open up the back side!

Will Pearl fit in your space? Click here to see dimensions.

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The camper bar that started it all! With her alluring capabilities and tasteful size, she can serve as your bar station for inside or outside events that are sure to entertain.

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The newest member of our Cantina Caravan fleet! She hauls like a horse and serves with sass. This mini horse trailer is perfect for your smaller outside concerts, small business open houses, and much more.

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Boozy Bike

Can you say adorbs? Boozy is great to make the first impression at the entrance of your event, great for a champagne toast, liquor store tastings, or parking lot employee parties.

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